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How to use the Acu-slippers

You can sit or stand with the Acu-slippers on, and allow them to cause their relaxing effect on your whole body.
For example:

It is recommended for the Acu-slippers to be worn at least half an hour a day for a proper stimulation to take place on your system.

The relaxing effect can be at its best at night wearing the slippers right before going to bed.

Socks should be used when you stand up with the Acu-slippers on. (The use of the socks is recommended for sitting down as well.)

Welfare takes time and care

People are used to expect the medicine to take away their symptoms very quickly. That’s why submitting yourself to consistent therapy sessions is sometimes difficult.

Some patience is required as the therapy sessions need to be repeated enough for the stimulation to have an effect on the tensions that have been building up in the system during several years, sometimes during decades. A regular, repeated use of the Acu-slippers is important because the body takes its time to recover. Only a miracle can make you well in an instant.

Things to consider

Be sure that your feet are clean and that there are not any sores on the sole. If you wonder whether you should not wear Acu-slippers because you suffer from a coronary or arterial disease, or if you for any other reason are not sure Acu-slippers are suitable for you, please, discuss the matter with your doctor. The Acu-slippers are not designed to be used outdoors. They can be slippery on a wet or icy surface. The Acu-slippers are not to be used under the effects of alcohol.


ANNEN Acu-slippers can be washed in a lukewarm water rubbing smoothly with a soft brush.
No machine wash.

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