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When did you walk barefooted
last time?

Your garden in the summer, a path in the woods or a gravel road all offer a natural acupuncture therapy for your feet. With ANNEN Acu-slippers you can get the same healthy effect independently from the season or the place.

The sole of the slipper gives slightly in under the weight of the foot and the spikes feel pleasant against the skin.

Right now, as you are reading this page, you could be wearing ANNEN Acu-slippers and have your nerve buds stimulated in your feet.

What a great idea for a present!

ANNEN Acu-slippers are a Finnish innovation, ready to be launched for the international markets.

What an original idea for a business present, an encouragement for your employees…or just to care
about your Mom.

Price of one pair of acu-slippers: 29,90 €.

Shipping of one pair:

Europe 8,30 €
Other countries 11,50 €

Please order via e-mail

Colors and sizes

ANNEN Acu-slippers are manufactured in two sizes,
and for the moment there are two colors:

Sizes 37 – 41 ( 27 cm )
red and black (the background of the spikes is red)

Sizes 42 – 44 ( 31 cm )
blue and black (the background of the spikes is black)




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